Video Marketing Suite Review

Video Marketing Suite Benefits Visualization

Video Marketing Suite Review

In this review, I discuss what Video Marketing Suite is and what its capabilities are. You can find a full walkthrough of the product on my Youtube Channel HERE

What do you get in the box?

Well, Video marketing suite is 10 tools in one, plus through me only,  you get an added tool, the Live Event Spy. You also get support from the vendor, if you join my mailing list, you can get support from me ( to the extent I can help) and last but not least the super valuable, information-packed live webinars featuring training, tips and tricks and great advice.

Video Marketing Suite is a comprehensive YouTube video research tool. If you have ever wondered how to research youtube video ideas you may have then this is the youtube video research tool you need.   It combines the gathering of competitors data, for example, the tags they use, the title they use and what level of keyword density they have,  with powerful SEO tools and YouTube Keyword research.


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Video Marketing Suite

VMS was created simply because the other tools out in the market are so damn expensive or simply just don’t do what they say they do. It’s estimated that for just 3 of tools you get with VMS on their own would add up to over $200 a month.  This product its simply insane value, alongside the webinars this product is just pure gold and you simply just have to get it.

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I haven’t discussed the separate tools extensively in my review but I do have to give a special mention to one of the 10 tools.  Domain explorer. Wow, this one is pure genius. Domain explorer lets you analyze the links placed in the descriptions of Youtube videos. It can then return the number of clicks that link has gotten.  Can you see the power of this? Imagine finding a link that has generated 10,000 clicks, that’s gold mine information right there. How? I hear you ask, well a link that’s getting that many clicks is a profitable link.  So what do you do? Click it see where it goes and repurpose what you find and run a similar campaign!!! LIGHT BULB

Use this tool in conjunction with the expired domain search and you may just literally strike Gold.

The last thing I want to talk about is…….

Live Event Spy

Live Event Spy lest you rank a thumbnail with a description and tags. It’s an amazing feature as google and youtube consider live events in the same way they do breaking news, and give it more clout.  This makes ranking what are essentially placeholders almost instantly if you find the right combination.

Finding the right combination with live event spy couldn’t be more simple either, thumbnail, title,  description and tags then post. Take it down and try a different combination.  In a matter of minutes, you could have split tested numerous combinations to find the winning one. You cant do that with a straight-up video.

Once you have a winning “placeholder” you can then stream a prerecorded video to it and when the stream is finished it simply turns into a standard video on youtube.

I must admit it sounds a little confusing so let’s walk through a scenario. So you have a video you want to rank on youtube.  You create 6 variations of a thumbnail, 6 variations of titles, tags and description and you launch each combination one at a time in Live Event Spy.  You determine which combination ranks fastest and highest.  Success! you now have a ranked “placeholder” You simply then stream your prerecorded video to that placeholder knowing that its high in the rankings and will receive the views you desire!

In the image below you can see my thumbnail and title ( keyword targeted).

Google Search Image

Thanks for reading, check out my walkthrough video HERE and Click on the button below to get Video Marketing Suite NOW

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